Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Big success & BIG drama

Thank you to everyone who came out to see me at the Auburn Art Walk. The evening was a HUGE success even with the 911 Drama.... Yes I said 9-1-1!
While I was busy showing my bags to Art Walkers my wonderful mother took David (my 11 month old) for a stroll so I could focus. Half way through the evening our french exchange student came running into Gimmie Cake Too and yelled "David's choking!" It took a few seconds for my mind to realize that she ment really choking. I took off running out of the building and down the street to the next art gallery. As I was running I saw Nonni (my mother) holding David almost upside down and patting his back. By the time I reached them he was breathing, very labored and still restricted, but breathing. There was an off duty medic there with Nonni and David who was on the phone with 911. And as I held David and continued to pat his back, and his breathing continued to improve, an ambulance and fire truck pulled up. I knew he was better when he suddenly giggled and pointed at the fire truck.  Even though he seamed to be all better the EMT's still did a full check up. David go to have his lungs listened to, his blood pressure taken, and his blood oxygen levels tested. We got the all clear and the ambulance and fire truck left. Sigh. WHAT A NIGHT.... (oh btw, it turns out he was choking on a SMALL piece of watermellon flesh, which Nonnie managed to sweep out of his throat)
So YES, the evening was a HUGE success. Thank you everyone for coming out and for hanging around during and even after all the drama.